Bonus plan scrapped at CAPC  
Nicky Boyette

The City Advertising and Promotion Commission voted Wednesday afternoon to eliminate a bonus plan and in its place readjust Executive Director Mike Maloney’s salary. Chair Charles Ragsdell disseminated a comparative staff salary chart for A&Ps around the state. Figures vary greatly because some commissions have only one part-time staff and others are much larger. What stood out to everyone was the disparity between what Maloney is paid versus his counterparts doing similar work.

“Mike is considerably underpaid compared to his predecessor,” Ragsdell pointed out, and the chart showed he was one of the lowest paid directors in the state.

Part of the incentive for Maloney had been a bonus plan put in place by the commissioners before he was hired in 2011.

Commissioners have since soured on the bonus plan. “We have no good way to determine what a year-end bonus should be,” stated commissioner Terry McClung. To boot, the commission is not able now to know what its financial situation will be at the end of the year.

Alderman James DeVito moved to eliminate the bonus plan for 2013 and Commissioner Bobbie Foster seconded and the vote to approve the motion was unanimous.

New salary

Then commissioner James DeVito moved to increase Maloney’s salary by $1000 per month. Ragsdell asked Maloney his opinion, and he said his counterparts do what he does but make considerably more. Nevertheless he said he was inclined to stay.

DeVito said the extra $1000 every month wouldn’t affect the budget appreciably, and Maloney would still be getting less than his peers.

Foster was inclined to disagree. She said Maloney was doing a good job, but she said she was concerned with “the overall financial challenge of the city.” She said it would be sending the wrong message to give Maloney a raise now. She said the commission should wait until the finances look better.

DeVito argued there would always be naysayers in this town, and he thinks the overall economy is improving.

“It’s bad timing,” Foster countered.

“It’s a matter of being fair,” DeVito said, and he thinks the community will acknowledge that the commission eliminated the bonus plan.

Foster still was worried about the message they were sending.

McClung said, “I’m also of the mind there has already been an increase and I’m inclined to stay with that.” McClung was referring to a seven percent increase for staff passed with the 2013 budget.

DeVito continued, “We still need to acknowledge we have the evidence in front of us how underpaid Mike is. It’s a matter of being fair.”

“The fair thing is to keep it like it is,” McClung responded.

Vote on DeVito’s motion to raise Maloney’s salary by $1000 per month was 4–2, Foster and McClung voting No.

Director’s report

Next meeting will be Wednesday, May 8, at 6 p.m.

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