History, Wildlife, and a Haunted Hotel

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Anyone seeking a truly unique holiday destination should look no further than Eureka Springs in the majestic Ozark Mountains of northwestern Arkansas. Named one of America’s most distinctive destinations by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Eureka Springs is known for its Victorian-style homes, steep and winding streets, and breathtaking natural scenery.

On this website, readers will find all they need to know about this remarkable, and little-known, destination, including must-see attractions, top-rated hotels and restaurants, and the best times of year to plan a visit.

Historic Downtown

The city’s historic downtown area features several well-preserved 19th-century buildings. These include the Basin Park Hotel and the Palace Bath House, both of which are built around the natural springs for which the city is named.

Visitors can also stay at the Crescent Hotel, built all the way back in 1886. Said to be America’s ‘most haunted hotel,’ the Crescent, which offers regular ghost tours, has been featured on the popular television programs Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Witness.

Other Attractions

Eureka Springs’ many attractions aren’t confined to the downtown area alone. For example, visitors can see the Thorncrown Chapel in the hill country just outside the city, which was designed and built in 1980 by a disciple of celebrated architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

They can also visit the nearby 459-acre Turpentine Creek wildlife refuge, which is home to several lions, tigers, leopards, and bears, including a feisty grizzly. And seven miles east of the city, intrepid sightseers can take a tour of Onyx Cave, famous for its cavernous tunnels and extraordinary rock formations.